Bible Study Notes


“You Can Trust the Bible”
By Dr. Lehman Strauss

Study the Bible to gain knowledge about God; his purpose and plans for Salvation, Redemption and Reconciliation. We need the Bible to understand God’s will for the individual and all of creation. People must have the Bible to understand their destiny, purpose and how to have life with love, joy and peace (2Timothy 2:15; 3:15-17; Acts 20:28-32).

Inspiration of the scriptures is confirmed by the scriptures. This is circular reasoning, but even a man can testify on his own behalf. So God can testify on his behalf and God cannot lie. All scripture is “breathed out” by God, therefore divine origin. All things have been created by the breath of God or the word of God, including the scriptures (Psalm 33:6, Gen 2:7, and Job 33:4).

Every word was guided by God. Words are necessary to express thoughts, so the Bible is an expression of God’s thoughts and words. Authors of the scriptures wrote as they were inspired by God (Ex21, 35:1, 2Sam23:2; Jer1:9).

Inspiration: activity of God to express his thoughts.

Revelation: communication of information or act or process of inspiration. God selected holy men set apart for the purpose of receiving the word of God (prophets). The method of revelation was by the Holy Spirit. For example Moses was not present at time of creation, but Moses wrote about creation as revealed by God to him by the Holy Spirit (2Peter1:20-21, 1Cor2:13; Mark12:36; Luke1:7).

Are there any errors in the Bible?

The very nature of God demands faith in his word to be without error. Only book in all the world inspired by God and so therefore without error (Psalm12:6; Psalm 19:7). However, there are “seeming” contradictions in the Bible (i.e. Matt 27:9, 2Kings8:26 2Chron22:2). Perhaps an error by the scribe in copying the manuscript.
“If satisfactory answers are not available at once, does not mean problems cannot be solved. We can conclude that if there is any error it did not come from God.”

Many of the prophetic scriptures were written without the author, prophet’s understanding, but understood to be revealed, fulfilled at a future time (i.e. Daniel 12:8-10).

Also, truths of scripture are verified and supported by other scriptures. 


Bible Study Time, BBN Radio,, Jan. 24, 25, 2018

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