Let your Light Shine

by Debra Dian

Have you ever wished your home could smell like a candle shop? The aroma of spice, pine, flowers, wood, citrus and herbs all melding into one.

Since it’s summer I would settle for a few citronella candles to keep mosquitoes away. But with my budget I looked into making candles to save money.

The instant coffee jars and empty jelly jars that I’ve been saving can be used for containers to hold the candle wax. These helpful web sites: candlewic.com and lonestarcandlesupply.com offer instructions on candle-making, supplies and bulk discounts.

The cost to make 50 soy-wax candles with fragrance, wicks and tools is approximately three dollars per candle. With 50 candles in the house, it is certain to smell like a candle shop. Candles are excellent gifts to give to friends and family for birthdays or at Christmas. Add a gift card tied with ribbon around the top of the jar with a favorite Bible verse. Cover the jar lids with decorative fabric or add a decorated label.

Make some candles. A fun project for restless children during summer break. A great fund-raising project for a missionary overseas or a needy family in the neighborhood. And don’t forget, while making or presenting the candle, talk about Jesus, the light of the world.

Scripture references: Matthew 5:16; John 1:5-9; John 8:12; Ephesians 5:2,8; 2Corinthians 2:14-16

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