Eunice Vignette – Disruption

Photo by Brianna Martinez on

The antique clock chimed two o’clock causing Eunice to put down her crochet work and head to the kitchen to brew a cup of tea. Time for afternoon Bible study and prayer. Soft rain drops rolled down the glass walls of the sun room, so quickly she placed a few potted plants outside for a shower of fresh rain, thanking God for his presence. Somehow she felt nearer to God in the storm, the clouds and the rain.

She smiled at the thought of how thunder and lightning used to frighten her, but in her elder years, crackling lightning caused her to look up to heaven with a reverent smile and say, Hello Father God!

After wrapping a blanket around her shoulders to take away the chill of the damp rain, her pet parakeets began chirping. Oh my goodness…I forgot to feed the birds.

Gently she opened the door to their cage, an oversized vintage design that sat on a small table near the window. “I’m so sorry Bobbin and Robbin…you know I was so concentrating on a new crochet design…but no excuse…please forgive…here is fresh water…and…and gourmet seeds…just for you.”

Then just as she was about to sit to sip tea and read, the doorbell rang. Puzzled about who would be at the door she looked out the peep hole to see delivery men and a truck. She thought for a moment, reluctant to open the door to strangers, especially since she was not expecting anything delivered. Another knock urged her to pray about it. Another louder knock and she could see that they were determined to deliver something. With peace, Eunice opened the door but spoke through the closed, glass, storm door.

“Hello! We’re here to deliver the piano,” the young man said. Three other men waited by the truck, expressing their boredom, by shuffling their feet, pulling leaves off the tree branch.

Eunice chuckled. “You must have the wrong address…I haven’t ordered a piano…I don’t even know how to play a piano.”

Surprised, the young man looked at the receipt in his hands, reading aloud the address.

Eunice chuckled again. “This is west Evergreen Way, not east Evergreen.”

The young man chuckled and looked embarrassed. “Oh…so sorry to bother you.” Then after turning toward the truck, he turned back and said with a smile, “Thank you for your honesty…you could have had a free piano.”

Eunice cracked the door open so that the young man could hear her reply. “Ah, but my good friend, the Lord Jesus Christ, he would not be pleased with me taking someone’s piano.”

“Probably not…have a good day mam.” He waved goodbye as he joined the others in the truck and drove away heading east.

Eunice returned to the sun room and now the hot tea was cold. She promised God it would only take a few minutes to warm the tea. She added cream and sugar, and looking at the stove clock, it was already two-thirty. Back to the sofa in the sun-room, she opened the Bible to read Proverbs while sipping rewarmed tea.

Then a message alert tone came from her mobile phone. She decided to wait until later to read the message. But several more alert tones kept coming. Curiosity caused her to pause again and check the phone messages. Apparently, her friend Lois had become stranded in her car on the way home from her doctor’s appointment. Lois had no idea why her car just stopped in the middle of the street, but sending out messages for help to the first one who responds, she said in her frantic messages.

Eunice responded by asking where Lois was located and that she would be there as quickly as possible. Lois messaged back and Eunice was on her way. Eunice found Lois weak and faint from the ordeal, waiting beside her car in the parking lot where two men had helped move it out of street traffic. During the drive home, Lois overloaded with emotion, spilled over with news she had meant to keep to herself, news from her doctor that she had cancer.

“I’m sorry Eunice…such a bother I am…I was going to be brave…not tell anyone about the cancer…kept it secret for almost an hour…” Lois laughed at herself.

Eunice chuckled along with Lois just to lighten the moment, but then somberly tried to comfort. “Lois, first of all…you’re no bother…and second…I’m sorry you have cancer…but I’m…I’m glad you didn’t keep it a secret…so we can pray for you…pray for healing…”

Lois patted Eunice’s hand on the steering wheel. “Thank you…Love you.”

Comforted, Lois became relaxed and quiet the remainder of the ride home. After they arrived to Lois’ house, Eunice walked with her to front door just in case she needed help. While unlocking the door, Lois turned and asked, “Eunice, would you pray with me before you go?”

Eunice smiled. “Certainly!”

There in Lois’ living room, the two friends held hands and with their other hands raised to God in heaven, with tears, they cried out to God.

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