Eunice Vignette – Craft Corner

by Debra Dian

At last. Finished this Afghan. Eunice held up her work of art to the sunlight of the picture window, examining rows of crochet in a rainbow of pastels. She was satisfied.

Sure to renew any old sofa for spring. And just in time for the spring sale at Craft Corner.

Eunice reveled in her accomplishment as she added the newly finished Afghan to her treasure trunk. She had been crocheting Afghans all winter, many different designs, some shawls too, but all for the Craft Corner sale. And all the proceeds would go to the Youth Summer Camp at her church.

Craft Corner was beautifully landscaped with evergreen trees and bright pink flowering myrtle trees nestled among large oak and willow trees. Food vendors, artists, pottery workers, quilters, and craftsman came at various times of the year to sell their goods. Park benches placed in cedar mulch provided a refreshing place to rest, perhaps to enjoy a meal from one of the food vendors. Eunice liked to tell the story of Craft Corner. “It’s like a parable,” she would say.

Long ago Craft Corner began as an empty corner lot, overgrown with grass and weeds. After many years of waiting for the town to grow and expand the owner was able to sell. So, the corner lot birthed a new sandwich shop – Corner Deli. Known for great burgers, fries and chili dogs.

Later business declined so the owner added a pool table and a bar with beer on tap. Business picked up for a time, but then declined again. So, the owner added more tables, steak burgers, hard liquor and televisions for watching sports. Business improved somewhat, but his place was small and other sports bars with big screens did better. So, the owner added dancers to entertain.

A short time later the owner had a heart attack and almost died. While recovering he began to worry. What if he had died and gone to hell. So, he began to search for spiritual truths in a Bible that someone had brought to him while in the hospital. He discovered that faith in Jesus is the only way to heaven. He repented of his lifestyle and corruption of others. He torn down the bar. Gave scholarships to his employees to get training for good jobs. Then transformed the lot into Craft Corner. And because of the owner’s life transformation, many of his former employees also became believers in Jesus.

The Corner Deli had degenerated into deadly depravity but through the transforming power of Jesus Christ it was changed to something beautiful and good.

“…anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!” 2 Corinthians 5:17

This story is a fictionalization. Any mention of historical events, people and places are used fictitiously and any likeness to actual events, places or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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